We are a boutique management consulting firmbased in Zurich

We are a boutique management consulting firm based in Zurich

Irina Böni

Irina Böni

Irina Böni

Founder & Head of Strategy

I founded 8008.Agency to help organisations thrive on change.

I work with organisations, leaders and teams to improve their culture effectively and achieve sustainable organisational transformation.

My advice currently covers matters such as change leadership, organisational engagement, strategy formulation, alignment and communication in the public and private sectors. The initiatives I design are people-centric and ensure the desired impact, taking businesses beyond their goals.

My core skills involve Advanced Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development and Innovation, Change Management and Strategic Communication for companies in for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

Prior to forming 8008.Agency I dedicated 20+ years creating solutions to guide businesses through successful transformation and expansion - often in cross-sectoral settings - developing the kind of places that everyone wants to work for: Strategy Advisor to a software engineering company reaching 60 mm end-users, Global Strategy and Business Development for a leading law and tax firm, Head of Marketing, Corporate Affairs and Communication in Banking, Pharma and NFP organisations.

I hold a technology-focused Executive MBA, degrees in Organisational Development and Knowledge Management (Master’s), Media Studies and Law (Bachelor’s), as well as further education in Innovation Management and Complex Problem Solving.

In my free time I enjoy independent films, performing arts and quality literature.

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Success comes from mastering the finesse of the entanglement between strategy, communication and the right dose of emotion.